New Doctrine of The Golden Age

New Doctrine of Golden Age

The New Doctrine of The Golden Age, called the Cosmic Teaching of Love is the Gift from Father-God in Heaven and Great Mother to all mankind of Earth.

The doctrine contains Prospects and Opportunities of Spiritual Growth and Ascension for every person, regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual identity, culture, religion, social status and other.

Vladimir and Nadezhda Samoylenko - the Messengers of Hierarchy of Light

Messengers of Hierarchy of Light

Starting mid-1990s Vladimir Samoylenko and Nadezhda Domasheva-Samoylenko, as the Messengers of Hierarchy of Light, have been actively carrying out their Mission to receive and spread knowledge of the New Doctrine of the Golden Age.


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Star of Transformation Magnetic Network

International Magnetic Network *Star of Transformation* is a Spiritual Community of a new kind, specifically designed by the Hierarchy of Light as an example of Serving the Creator. Activities of the Network aim at realization of the New Doctrine transferred from the Teachers of Hierarchy at this stage of human development.


Great Dominion of Light

Great Dominion of Light

The created Dominion of Light, as the Space resonant with the Higher Worlds, will open the energy and information Portal that unites the Heavens and the Earth.
The Great Dominion of Light is the Gate that opens humanity to an opportunity of further evolutionary development in the experience of Love, Cooperation, and Creation.


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International Spiritual Magnetic Network *Star of Transformation*The International Spiritual Magnetic Network *Star of Transformation*, established in 2000, operates in many countries around the world under the direct guidance of the Hierarchy of Light. The *Star of Transformation* Magnetic Network operates in full compliance with the Laws of Evolution and the principles of the Universal Triumphant Church, which forms the basis for consolidation of Love and Creative Complementarity of the Origins - Men and Women, as well as Unity, Cooperation and Brotherhood among all the evolutionary streams of life - men, angels, and elementals, developing in the material world of Physical Reality of the Planet Earth. Magnetic Network on a voluntary basis unites representatives from all different religion confessions, spiritual schools and trends. All Network Programs are open to all people who are Seeking and Going, regardless of their religion, nationality or race.